Sneaker v0.3.1 documentation


Sneaker is a collection of modern and versatile C++ components that are useful in many application development scenarios.

Components are designed as independent entities that each has its own responsibility in answering one or more of the six aspects of all software systems, namely the “what”, “when”, “where”, “who”, “why” and “how”.

The elegance and succinctness of the code intrinsically demonstrates the “how”, and the separation of functionalities among components and the interactions between them focus on the “who”, “when” and “where”. Finally, good documentation and comments reflects the “what” and “why” to users.

In addition, the design of many components are heavily inspired from features and models from other high level programming languages that are either absent or not first-class citizens in the C++ world, such as the use of scoped context management and function decorators, which are all prevalent features in Python.

Get Started

  1. Checkout the project documentations

  2. Build from source and install library

    make && make install

  3. Read the wiki if you’d like to contribute

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