Build and Installation

This reference manual contains useful information for developers who wish to build the project from source.

The project strives the make the build and installation process as straightforward as possible. Currently, the build system requires GNU Make and CMake.

Steps for building Sneaker:

  1. Update submodules for all dependencies

git submodule update –init –recursive

Sneaker currently has the following dependencies referenced as submodules:

  1. Build and install Google Test from source
make gtest
  1. Build libraries, unit tests and documentations


This builds the following main binaries:

Binary Description
libsneaker.a Sneaker static library (release version)
libsneaker_dbg.a Sneaker static library (debug version)
libsneaker_dbg_cov.a Sneaker static library with coverage support (debug version)

If you are unsure whether your system meets the requirements for building Sneaker, please refer to this page.

  1. Install the library binaries and header files

make install

This places the libraries libsneaker.a and libsneaker_dbg.a to under /usr/local/lib, and copies the header files to /usr/local/include/sneaker/.

  1. Uninstall the library

make uninstall

This will undo the actions done in step 4) above.